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Bring Life to Any Room with Vinyl Flooring in Redding, CA

vinyl flooring in redding, caIt is great that there’s a type of flooring you can choose for every room in your home and in each one you can install a totally different style of the same material. It will look unique in each room, match your style perfectly and last a long time.

This ideal solution for any homeowner is vinyl flooring. It’s been the go-to choice for years but keeps advancing with the times and now comes in a broad range of types, styles, and finishes. You can get it in smoothly flowing sheets, stylish tiles, or solid-looking planks. No matter what style you choose, we have it at Flooring America of Redding.

An Expressive Flooring Choice

When you’re looking for new flooring and want to find something with flair, something that matches your tastes and fashion sense, you should consider vinyl tile flooring. It is an expressive flooring choice that replicates many different finishes. Maybe you are seeking the look of stone, linen, bamboo, or an artistic design, but no matter what you are searching for, you’re sure to find a vinyl offering to match. These tiles can be installed many different patterns to create impressively unique floors.

Vinyl is a resilient and comfortable flooring choice, and if you choose vinyl sheet flooring, you are going to get a floor without seams where dust can collect. It’s a healthy option, and one that’s scratch and water resistant and, therefore, very low maintenance. It also comes in many solid patterns for a look that’s pleasing to the eye.

If you like wood floors but would prefer a more economical option, then you would do well to consider the many types of vinyl plank flooring we carry in our inventory. Planks replicate the look of a broad range of wood species and finishes. They are available in several different widths and lengths, so you are sure to get the exact appearance you are seeking for that particular room. Not only that, you can put vinyl planks in rooms where you ordinarily would not put wood, a bathroom for example.

Getting the Job Done Right

The best way to assure that you get the most enjoyment from your new floors and that they last for a long time is to call upon our team for vinyl flooring installation. We’ll make sure all the measurements are accurate, the cuts are precise, and the finished look is terrific. Rest assured that our installers call upon all their skills and experience to make sure each floor they work on looks great.


Contact us to learn more about the broad range of vinyl flooring choices we provide. We proudly serve customers in Redding, CA, and the surrounding areas.

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